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  • Oct 17
  • Pet Medicine
  • Product Adverse Effect
  • 151

my 9 year old golden retriever dog and 2 17 year old cats never had a flea problem because I used frontline plus on them. my vet does not carry that product any more because "it doesn't work". WHAT!!! now because of using Vectra 3d, they have a skin infection, on an antibiotic,i have,a $200.00 vet bill and they still have FLEAS!!! you vets need to think about the health of our pets and not... Read more

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Three months now, applied every three weeks.....still have fleas and itching seems worse than when we started. Back to advantage I I. Add comment


  • Oct 10
  • Pet Medicine
  • Hobart, Indiana
  • Flea Medicine
  • 289

We found a flea on our 10-year-old 13 lb. Silky who's been on Revolution for 8 years. We wanted to repel fleas not kill them after they bit our dog so our vet recommended Vectra 3D. We shampooed him with oatmeal, sensitive skin dog shampoo, dried him then waited 6 hours til he was thoroughly dry then applied the Vectra per instructions. Eight hours later we were woken by our dog's whimpering at... Read more

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  • Oct 09
  • Pet Medicine
  • Port Jervis, New York
  • Vectra 3D Product Effect
  • 146

I have two tiny yorkies (3.5 and 4 lbs) and I've always had a concern regarding the amount of dosage given to them with Vectra. It seems so much for my two little dogs. I was advised to give them the entire dosage (for up to 20 lbs..) Although, I do know that it works well. However, my dogs go crazy when I apply it and I found a huge scab on my smallest dog right where I apply the Vectra. ... Read more

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  • Oct 06
  • Pet Medicine
  • Fairview, Pennsylvania
  • Medicine Adverse Affect
  • 132

I have used Vectra 3d for 2 months and it has done nothing! My yellow lab itches all night long, has lost weight because all he does is itch! Fleas are all over him but not on the cat for whom I used the advantage flea stuff. I wasted money and more importantly my dog has NO relief from fleas- When I first applied it he acted ill for several days costing me an 80$ trip to the veterinarian, he... Read more

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  • Oct 06
  • Pet Medicine
  • Product Adverse Effect
  • 111

My 5 year old Bichon scratched open the side of his face in July. He also had hive like sores around his throat, neck and back. He had to be sedated in order to clean and debride the wound to total cost of almost $700. Of course my vet said it was one of those odd things, and that I should not have applied it to him and then gone to a wedding 4 hours later.... What??? They did open a case for "... Read more

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  • Oct 04
  • Pet Medicine
  • Balmville, New York
  • Vectra 3D Product Effect
  • 2

Apply Vectra 3D my Vet said, never even heard of it before, come to find this hives all over her body and some where bleeding, horrible thing to come home to after work. I'm tired of seeing my poor dog lay around sad and in discomfort or trying to *** herself and scratch herself. Read more

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  • Oct 02
  • Pet Medicine
  • Walnut Creek, California
  • Vectra 3D Product Effect
  • 182

We used Vectra on our beloved Bichon. He started acting like he was in severe pain. He was taken to the vet within the hour and was having kidney failure. The testing showed he had lost 80% of his function. He underwent various treatments but developed fast growing cancer and you could literally watch him age so fast it seemed like he was aging a year a day. We filed reports with the EPA. We were... Read more

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  • Sep 27
  • Pet Medicine
  • Marina Del Rey, California
  • Ineffective Flea Product
  • 216

I'm sorry it didn't work for you either. I was initially nervous to apply Vectra 3D onto my Blue Heeler after I read the complaints about it but I decided to go ahead after talking again with the vet. Well I applied it and noticed my dog is still itching and still has fleas too. This product doesn't even kill the fleas initially I don't think! For my cats I used Revolution and at first that... Read more

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  • Sep 25
  • Pet Medicine
  • San Luis Obispo, California
  • Flea Treatment
  • 205

I previously used Comfortis and Trifexis for my 3 dogs. Two are large breed and did excellent on Comfortis. My small dog ended up having head tremors from the Trifexis, even though the product worked great. So, my vet recommended I put all 3 of my dogs on Vectra 3D. Claiming it works 'great'. Well, 2 weeks later and all 3 of my dogs still have fleas! My small dog is itching more now, then she did... Read more

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